The Abby Lee Dance Company has officially opened its door in Los Angeles and the Dance Moms cast was there to celebrate with the ALDC faculty!

Click here for photos.

  • emily

    wow so excited

  • cutevantae

    I am soo happy for them.I really wanted to dance with them in the studio I love all the girls by My 2 fav is Maddie and Mackzeni

  • kaylan

    Who watched danced moms last night i feel that maddie was being very rude to mackenzie and Melissa. I am happy that mackenzie won . I hope maddie feels the same way. I still love the ziegler sisters! !!!!!!!!!

    • Bryana

      No Maddie can be rude but she is the best and mackenzie there the best dancers I’ve ever seen. If you can’t say something nice about Maddie don’t say it at all. But I like the way you said I still love the ziegler sisters!!!!!!!!!!

  • kaylan

    Congrats mackenzie your solo sink or swim was awesome! !!!:)

  • kaylan

    Mackenzie has proved herself to abby!!!!!!!!if no one else says congratulations I will

  • MichelleRN

    Proper grammar and spelling – try it! Makes you look like less of an idiot!!

    • Jennifer


  • Carrie McCoy Hill

    Beautiful girls and I pray that the showbiz doesn’t get to their heads. Praying for them to ALWAYS stay so sweet!

  • Bryana

    Hi Maddie my name is bryana not the girl that texted you but can you give us your phone number or call us my number is 2572724 or 5290640

  • Bryana

    And I’m your #1 fan litrelly

  • Bryana

    Michelle RN please your just making a fool of yourself. And Jennifer don’t listen to him/her ok