In case you missed it on TV: watch Austin & Ally‘s season 04 episode 05: “Homework And Hidden Talents” above.

Comment your thoughts on the episode!

  • Kayla

    You can’t even watch the video!

  • aubrey

    i like the episode maddie i hope you can come to louisville ky and i can see you and mackz

  • kesia lomotey

    well done

  • faithprettygirl44

    hi Maddie I just want to say I am your biigggggeeeeeeesssssstttttttt fan like ever I wish I can meet you if your reading this pls talk to someone for we can meet oh and I am 10 and my name is destiney faith

  • krista

    oh my god maddie you rocked that episode! it was so cool! i have a question for you, do you like dancing or acting more? i’ve always wanted to know for some reason. so if you can write back to me as soon as possible that would be great. by the way do you want to come to my birthday party and do a dance with kenzie? i know you can’t but if you can here’s my address peach orchard rd 15109 silver spring maryland. so if you can come no reason to rsvp just come with a swim suit. i love you!!!
    with love,
    krista colleen spenser

  • Jennifer Xia

    Great job!!!!! Eet was sooo cayooot


    Jennifer Xia

    J. Xia