• Amira Sadok

    awww i love ’em both lovin Maddies book the ‘Maddie Diares’

  • donna amos

    I always admired Maddie because she stayed so humble throughout her dance moms career. Now? OMG!!!! Fame has gone to this girls head! If it weren’t for dance moms no one would even know her!! For her to slam Abby Lee ? Really? I always wish the best of luck to her and Kenzie, but now? No!!! I hope Kenzie makes it real big! Superstar big!! But Maddie?? I hope her words in her book come back to haunt her!! She needs to recognize where she came from!! And when she gets off her high horse then maybe I would feel different!! Right now shes rude and disrespectful and a brat!! People like her need a rude awaking!! GOOD LUCK KENZIE!!!

    • Sally Flowers

      I think you will find that the person who got maddie where she is was maddie. She worked hard. Grow up this is not your fight. Also, Dance moms producers made the show big, people loving the kids made the show big. No child should have a convicted felon as a role model. Get back to me when she pays her taxes.