Maddie attended NYFW chaperoned by ELLE Magazine. Click here to read her diary entries on the ELLE website and click the banner below for dozens of pictures.


  • Alyssa

    OMG!!! Maddie you are so pretty and so lucky. Melissa, should say thanks to Abby Lee Miller in a big way with taking all of the girls to Disneyland!

    • Cally


      • Ashley Newcombe

        You know all the dance moms need to sit down and listen to Abby Lee Miller she is right I target with what she is doing so for God’s sake TRUST HER!!!!!
        Holly needs to grow up along with Jess !!!!!!! Maddie and Mackenzie are my favorite so keep up all the hard work your it girls

  • Hulkaroy

    she is so beautiful!

  • Paris love the Ziegler’s

    I love you so much please look at my account on Instagram on @zieglers3142

  • Syd Syd Painter

    O my gosh I love you guys so much! I have a fan account dedicated to Maddie on Instagram, check it out its:@pitsburgh.princess ilysm girls!!

  • hloveszieglers


  • Allicornelius

    Hi you guys I thank maddie is a beautiful little girl she is lucky to keep on moving forward don’t let people get to ya cause there nothing but haters☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • cocolimaa

    hy im fan mackenzie and i live in France

  • Abena Nehemiah

    I would suggest that Maddie should get her own web site administrated by her own agency. Cute sisters doing things together won’t last longer.