“It’s with bated breath, restless legs, eager anticipation, and a healthy dose of jazz hands that we announce that Maddie Ziegler will be covering 2015 New York Fashion Week side by side with ELLE.com.

And when she’s not attending shows with our editorial staff (and/or showing us how she perfected that killer tummy drum), she’ll be posting exclusive, behind-the-scenes photo diaries of her whirlwind trip through fittings, front rows, and after-parties right to our site.

“I’m so excited to be attending my first NYFW and who better to experience it with than ELLE.com?” Ziegler wrote via e-mail moments before taking the stage with Sia and Kristen Wiig for their legendary “Chandelier” performance at last night’s Grammys. “I’m looking forward to getting tons of inspiration for this next year. ELLE.com is an amazing partner to have during this incredible experience as they truly are one-of-a-kind and groundbreaking.” Aw, shucks.

 Ziegler will assume her official role on Monday, February 16 and will be on staff through Thursday, February 19. Welcome to the team, Mads. Something tells us you’ll fit right in.”
  • Ashley

    So is this for maddie and Kenzie or can other people sign up? Thank you

    • @ziegler.chicas

      OMG I LOVE MADDIE AND MACKENZIE I REALLY WANT TO MEET THEM BUT I LIVE IN COLUMBUS OHIO AND THEY HARDLY COME THERE!! please follow me on Instagram MADDIE and mackenzie I am a huge fan!!! @ziegler.chicas

  • LUCK ;/

    i olve maddieeeeeeee

  • @ziegler.chicas

    PLEASE FOLLOW MADDIE AND MACKENZIE! ily guys so so so much

  • Amira Wales

    I agree with Ashley,I want to meet you but how.