Sia and Maddie stopped by The Ellen Show once again. Watch below!

  • Ana

    This is the most beautiful, most intense, most magical singer and dancer EVER!!!

  • Nara Fernandes de Oliveira

    Maddie você é uma memina especial. Sua habilidade Corporal apresentada no clipe Chandelier da Sia é algo que transcende a carne, é espiritual. Criança prodígio! Seja feliz! Você tem a capacidade de comunicar qualquer coisa com a Dança! Lindo de mais!!!

    Maddie you’re a special girl. Corporal their skill displayed in the Sia Chandelier clip is something that transcends the body, matter is spiritual. Prodigy child! Be happy! You have the ability to communicate anything to Dance! Too beautiful!!!

  • kirlia

    Maddie, you plus Sia are the best duet in the world. I am just learning interpretive dancing and you show me, an 11 year old, that I can do this, I just have to believe in myself, that I’m alive. (BTW, I am going to get Sia’s new album, “This is acting”. Are you?) -Ana