Maddie has written a dance trilogy, and the first book in the trilogy,  The Audition, is coming out on October 31st! It’s now available for pre-order from several retailers. Go here to find out more!

From Dance Moms star and So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation judge Maddie Ziegler comes the first novel in a brand-new middle grade trilogy about friendship, dance, and going after your dreams.

Twelve-year-old Harper has been dancing practically since she learned to walk. She loves her dance studio and team, and just won her first ever top junior solo in a regional competition. But right before the school year starts, Harper’s parents drop a bombshell—the family has to relocate from their cozy town in Connecticut to sunny Florida for their jobs. That means saying goodbye to her friends, dance team, trips to see shows in NYC—and did she mentioned dance team?

  • Maddie

    That idea is more than cliched. Every middle school novel starts with this idea that one person’s life is uprooted and then they realize that the change is good and has helped them grow, and they learn to embrace it. Child stars always do things like this. The fame goes to their heads and they start writing books and acting and modeling just because no one will ever tell them that they’re anything except amazing at everything they do. Maybe the world should just stop and see people for who they really are and what their real abilities are instead of just focusing on their fame.

  • Carly Destros

    @Maddie is right though. Like, the girl is talentless and still trying.