If you’re up on your So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation episodes, you may have noticed a familiar face in last night’s airing. Dance Moms star and Sia fave, Maddie Ziegler made her debut on the show, taking the opportunity to meet some of the new dancers. Eventually, she’ll be a judge alongside veterans Paula Abdul and Nigel Lythgoe as well as Jason Derulo. We had the chance to sit down with the mini star to get her thoughts on taking a seat at the judge’s table, her fashion and beauty faves, and what’s next.

StyleWatch: Congrats on the new gig! What are you most excited about?

Maddie Ziegler: It’s really exciting because I’ve watched the show ever since I can remember and I’m with so many other amazing judges. I think I’m looking forward to watching the kids dance every week because they’re incredible dancers and I feel like I can even learn, not only from the kids but of course from the judges too. It’ll be a really fun experience.

Are you nervous at all?

I think I’ll be a little bit nervous for the first show because it’s going to be new to me but I think I’ll feel really comfortable after we do it for a few weeks. Plus, I’m usually on the kids side of this whole competition and usually the one being judged, so it’s going to be very different but super relaxing and fun for me to be on the other side.

At this point, you must know a lot of the dancers who would be auditioning. Will it be weird to judge people you know?

I will probably know some of them but I’m not going to treat them any differently versus a kid that I don’t really know. It’s a fair competition and I wouldn’t want to favor kids, maybe the kids that I don’t know are going to be better. It just depends on the night. I’m for sure just going to give my honest opinion.

Where are you based now? Do you live in LA permanently?

I live in Pittsburgh but I also have an apartment in LA. I will eventually move to LA full time but it’s nice to have my home in Pittsburgh because my family lives here. LA is my favorite though. There are so many more jobs out there, it’s just so much more fun, the shopping and everything. It’s just so much better there.

You’re turning 14 this year. Do you find that as you’re getting older, you’re more interested in fashion and beauty?

For sure, I mean I’ve always loved doing makeup, but I’ve gotten really into it lately. In my free time, I’m always in my room in front of my mirror doing makeup and the same with hair. Ever since I went to my first fashion week, I started to really love that too. It’s so cool to see all of the different collections and pieces. It’s really interesting to see how many different styles of clothing you can wear in all different ways. Sometimes people will have the same clothing but they match it up with different things so it’s really cool to look at.

How would you describe your style now?

I like to keep it pretty sporty. Right now, I’m just wearing girlfriend jeans and Adidas shoes. I feel like that’s always better for me because I’m a dancer and I’m always moving around. Even for dinner, lately I’ve just been wearing sneakers everywhere like Adidas shoes or converse or whatever it may be and then I’ll throw on a bomber jacket or a leather jacket to kind of dress it up a little bit.

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